Mikko Purro
Photo Mar 26, 4 49 03 PM
Actor Teemu Selänne
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Early to Mid 30's
Occupation Baker
Family unknown
First Appearance Ascension: Chapter 17: Summer
Last Appearance Ascension: Chapter 52: Animal (Zombified)
Death Episode Chapter 40: Out Of Reach
Cause of Death Mutilated and decapitated by Ron
Status Undead
Series lifespan "Summer" to "Out Of Reach" (Alive)
"Animal" (Zombified)
Ethnicity Finnish

Mikko Purro was first introduced in Chapter 17: Summer of the Walking Dead: Ascension, and has developed into a major protagonist within the series. Mikko is the moral centre of the group, always providing reassurance and concern for others. Mikko owned a bakery in his homeland of Finland, giving him adequate strength, as well as strong morals. Mikko made an unannounced and unexpected introduction, having walked up to Crown Point and knocking at the front gate.



Unknown LocationEdit




To be Added


Ilta NylundEdit



  • Ascension
  • Dead River (Zombified)

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