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Actor Aaron Eckhart
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Early to Mid 30's
Occupation Military Sargent
Family Kristen - Girlfriend (Deceased)
First Appearance Ascension Chapter 14: In A Life We Once Squandered
Last Appearance Ascension Chapter 53: The Brink (Corpse)
Death Episode Ascension Chapter 52: Animal
Cause of Death Head smashed in by by Ron
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Red Flags" to "Animal"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"You're going to suffer for every horrible thing you've done. One day you will. Might not be today, but one day you will..."
—Michael predicting Ron's fate before being executed.

Michael is a protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in Ascension.


Unknown LocationEdit

Nothing is known about Michael's life prior to the outbreak besides that he served in the military


In A Life We Once SquanderedEdit

To be Added


Killed ByEdit

In an attempt to kill Ron before he destroys Fort Bliss, Michael and Andy break into his room to attack him. Unfortunately he is able to fight them both off and brings them out to the balcony in which he executes Michael.

Killed VictimsEdit

this list shows the victims Michael has killed:



  • Chapter 14: in a Life We Once Squandered
  • Chapter 15: Red Flags
  • Chapter 16: Lies
  • Chapter 17: Summer
  • Chapter 18: Whispers
  • Chapter 19: Before
  • Chapter 20: Woe Lies Upon Our Doorstep
  • Chapter 21: Pressed For Time
  • Chapter 22: Preparations
  • Chapter 23: Culpability
  • Chapter 24: Sins
  • Chapter 25: Requiem
  • Chapter 26: Doubt
  • Chapter 27: November Rain
  • Chapter 28: Out Of Time
  • Chapter 29: On The Horizon
  • Chapter 30: Prayers
  • Chapter 31: The Day That Never Comes
  • Chapter 32: Pray to God, My soul to Take
  • Chapter 33: Stoicism
  • Chapter 34: How Far They've Come
  • Chapter 35: Unrelenting Sorrow
  • Chapter 36: Where The Sun Sets
  • Chapter 37: Detachment
  • Chapter 38: Borders Crossed
  • Chapter 39: Turn
  • Chapter 40: Out Of Reach
  • Chapter 41: Confinement
  • Chapter 42: Together Through Agony
  • Chapter 43: Shattered Memories
  • Chapter 44: Blood Drawn
  • Chapter 45: Till' Death Do Us Part
  • Chapter 46: Bruised and Battered
  • Chapter 47: Broke
  • Chapter 48: Maimed Heart
  • Chapter 49: Suspicion
  • Chapter 50: Wounds Of The Depraved
  • Chapter 51: Three Hours
  • Chapter 52: Animal
  • Chapter 85: Inducia (Dream)

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