Alex Mace
Photo Mar 21, 6 41 40 PM
Actor Andy Samburg
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 21
Occupation Unknown
Family Kristen - Girlfrend (Deceased)
First Appearance Chapter 1: Dead and Buried
Last Appearance Chapter 5: Retaliation
Cause of Death Head bashed open by Negan (Alive)
Head Bashed in by Negan after reanimation (Zombified)
Date of Death January 11th, 2014
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Dead and Buried" to "Retaliation"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"I'll be with you..soon enough...Kristen..."
—Alex's final words before having his head smashed in by Ralph Macintosh

Alex Mace was first introduced in Chapter 1: Dead And Buried, and was one of the primary survivors of the plane wreckage. Not much about Alex's life prior to the apocalypse is known, aside the fact that he had a girlfriend. He voiced his opinion much through out his time within the group.


Boston, MassachusettsEdit

Alex Mace lived with his girlfriend Kristen and was about to propose to her prior to the crash


Dead and Buried to RetaliationEdit

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Killed ByEdit

During the retaliation, Alex was captured by Negan and the other saviors. Negan smashed his head open, causing him to pass out and bleed to death. Negan's attention turned to the fires as Alex quickly reanimated. Negan turned his attention back onto the zombified Alex and smashed his head to bits before he could even get up.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Alex has killed:

  • Walter Corin
  • Several unnamed bandits
  • Several unnamed Saviors


  • Ascension